Valentin Sidorenko was born in 1995 in a small town Gornyak, which is situated in Altai Krai on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. He graduated from the VGIK — Russian State University of Cinematography with major in Animation and Multimedia (Moscow, Russia), also he graduated from Fotografika — Academy of Documentary and Art Photography (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Except photography and animation, Sidorenko works with documentary films using an observation method.

Sidorenko basically approaches the theme of time. He is especially inspired by the past: that located at a depth, but that turns out to be multifaceted and ambiguous in the light. For him, it’s a discovery every time. Sidorenko never knows the subject he will run into: Who is in this photo? Whose notebook is this? And what does all this mean? Working with the chronicle, documents or family photos, Sidorenko removes his author’s responsibility, but he gives all that material a form.

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