Carolina Dutca was born in 1995 in the small Moldavian town of Bender and raised
a stone’s throw from the Dniester River. She studied art and documentary photography at the Fotografika Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Carolina is interested in everything and nothing at the same time. Carolina likes
to experiment and to walk on the edge of the genre. The beauty of creative process
is the main thing in her works. She works in different media: from photography
and animation to video art and text.

‘When I throw myself in the open sea and just stay still and wait to be rescued, the art process begins’.

Carolina plays in art through contact with nature. Together with Valentin Sidorenko, she makes desperate gambles and she isn’t afraid to create impossible tasks.
Carolina Dutca works with photography, video, installation and text. Born in Transnistria region in 1995, Carolina Dutca studied art and documentary photography in Academy Fotografika, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Carolina likes to experiment and is open to new practices. Her art projects are connected with the theme of relationships, home, nature and memory. Also, in collaboration with Valentin Sidorenko, she plays with time. They are reminiscing about fairy tales, growing up, and being naughty.

Exhibitions and screenings of her works have been held in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Germany, France, Romania, Guyana, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Transnistria.

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Awards and Grants


Winner, Utopias Lahti Visual Arts Festival, Finland

Winner, Contemporary Photography Funding, The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation, Germany


Winner, Fondation François Schneider, Contemporary Talents 10th, France

Shortlist, Vantage Point 9, Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates

Winner, People in Need Grant, Czech Republic


Winner, Grant Solidarity Fund for Independent Artists, Oberliht Association, Moldova

Winner, People in Need Grant, Czech Republic

The Special Jury Prize, The Access Point, International Festival of arts, Russia


Shortlist, Venice Lands Art Prize, Italy


The Special Jury Prize, Photography Festival Les Nuits de Pierrevert, France

Winner, Brewhouse Grant, Russia

Shortlist, GAMMA Festival and Lenfilm project Artification. Video art, Russia

Winner, UNDP Grant, OWH Studio, Moldova

Winner, International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Russia


Winner, People in Need Grant, Czech Republic

Shortlist, Biennial of Student Photography, Academy of Arts of Novi Sad, Serbia

Winner, Fotografika Scholarship, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Winner, People in Need Grant, Czech Republic



Contemporary Talents 10th, Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller, France

More Than Body, Cartego, Chisinau, Moldova


Vantage Point 9, Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The World is Overflowing with Either Rubbish or Our Memories, Golubitskoe Art Foundation, Russia

Seasoning, The Art House, Eindhoven, Netherlands


Body, Round Lemon, Zest Hall, UK

Remembrance Species, Lunetario Editorial, Mexico


Loss, Humble Arts Foundation, USA

Nonrandom Witness, The Sakharov Center, Moscow, Russia


Transnistria Seen From Within, Aff Gallery, Berlin, Germany

People. Places. Processes, National Taras Shevchenko Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine

Artification Video Art, Lenfilm Museum, Gamma Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The Places of Violence, Personal Exhibition, Pragovka Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

Culture/Future of the Neighborhoods, Zpațiu, Oberliht Association, Chisinau, Moldova

Art. Who. Dark #2, Smena 2.0 Gallery, Moscow, Russia

People. Places. Processes, Mykolaiv Art Week, Ukraine


Biennial of Student Photography, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

Mezon Art, KSA:K Center for Contemporary Arts, Chisinau, Moldova

No Silence, Personal Exhibition, Kasarna Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic


No Silence, Personal Exhibition, Art Gallery OU, Chisinau, Moldova



Les Nuits Photo Festival, Paris, France


Festival de Photographie Les Nuits de Pierrevert, Pierrevert, France

International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Krasnodar, Russia

Film and Theater Festivals

Women’s Film Festivals’ Gathering, Tbilisi, Georgia


Festival of documentary theater, Hunting for Reality, Teatr.Doc, Moscow, Russia

The Access Point, International Festival of arts, Spontaneous Program, Russia


Deptford Cinema Film Festival, London, UK

Festival of Arts Context, Russia

Documentary Film Festival Chesnok, Moldova

International Documentary Film Festival Cronograf, Moldova

SFG International Film Festival, Official Selection, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

International Film Festival Queer Voices, Chisinau, Moldova


International Film Festival Artdocfest, Program Sreda, Russia

The Lobo Fest International Film Festival, Brasilia, Brazil

Painting the Spectrum Film Festival, Georgetown, Guyana

Cronograf Documentary Film Festival Tour, Moldova

Artist Talks and Teaching

Public Talk, Women’s Film Festivals’ Gathering, Tbilisi, Georgia


Artist Talk, with Valentin Sidorenko, Academy of Photography Fotografika, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Panel Discussion, ZOIS: The Centre for East European and International Studies, Berlin, Germany

Artist Talk, Buncher Gallery, Oberliht Association, Chisinau, Moldova

Public Talk, Festival of Democracy, Forum 2000, Prague, Czech Republic

Documentary Photography Workshop, Make Art Project, Ribnita, Moldova

Artist Talk,, Bucharest, Romania

Photography Workshop for Teenagers, Vinegar Media, Tiraspol, Moldova


Public Talk, Kasarna Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic

Panel Discussion, Human Rights Week, Club 19, Informational and Legacy center Apriori, Tiraspol, Moldova
Public Talk, Animal Physiology and Biomedicine Section, The International Biology School Conference of Young Scientists, Pushchino, Russia


Popular Science Lectures Series, Club 19, Informational and Legacy center Apriori, Tiraspol, Moldova

Residencies and Workshops


AiR, Residency for Playwrights, Center for Cultural Projects Azart, by Pavel Rudnev, Mihail Durnenkov, Inna Cebotari, Ribnita, Moldova


Video Laboratory, Venice Open Stage, by Matteo Primiterra and Matteo Polo, Venice, Italy

AiR, Residency for Visual Artist, Oberliht Association, Chisinau, Moldova

Short Film Course, OWH Studio, by Violeta Gorgos and Ruben Agadjanean, Vadul Lui Voda, Moldova

Methodology of Creative Process Course, Academy of Documentary and Art Photography Fotografika, by Igor Elukov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Internship on Cellular Physiology, Kazan State Medical University, with PhD Alexey M. Petrov, Kazan, Russia

Pathological Physiology and Immunology Course, by Roman Ursan, Tiraspol, Moldova

2017-2019 Art and Documentary photography, Academy of photography Fotografika, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2012-2017 Medical school, Transnistria State University, Tiraspol, Transnistria